The Georgian Bay Native Women’s Association was formed in the fall of 1989. We are a non-profit organization, responsible to the native women and children in the Midland and Penetanguishene area. We are not core funded by any one organization. Our main source of funding flows from the hard work of volunteers who run various fundraising activities. We also access funding through various government grants, which become available to Women’s Groups


The major tenet that the organization is based on is the unity of all Anishinaabe women, regardless of legal categories. The main concerns of the Association are the preservation and promotion of Anishinaabe culture, language and heritage. In order to achieve this stated objective, the Association has pledged:

  1. To create a forum through which Anishinaabekwewag can become involved in the solution of their problems and promotion of their interests.
  2. To help Anishinaabekwewag increase their feeling of adequacy and their sense of responsibility through planning, developing and managing self-projects.
  3. To provide a means through which Anishinaabekwewag can make a contribution of ideas and skills to the social, cultural, and economic development of the Anishinaabe society.
  4. To provide a means through which the Anishinaabekwewag can assist in identifying those ways that are unique to the Anishinaabe culture and through which their role in teaching these ideas to children can be strengthened.
  5. To encourage Anishinaabekwewag to assume a more positive and active part in developing skills to support their people in their achievements.
  6. To provide a communication link between Anishinaabekwewag through which they can share and exchange ideas in order to relate to each other fulfilling their roles.


The Georgian Bay Native Women’s Association is governed by a board of Directors consisting of 5 Members. Its members are elected bi-annually at the Annual General Meeting.

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