The main concern of the organization is the preservation and promotion of Indigenous language, culture and heritage and building a strong foundation that aims for Mno Bimaadziwin (The Good Life). Programs understand the personal responsibility to increase sensitivity, awareness and implementation of cultural teachings and organizational practices utilizing cultural competencies. Programs incorporate an intersectional approach to gender, race and discrimination and subsequent intergenerational impacts affecting Indigenous women and their families. Programs incorporate a trauma-informed approach to recognize and respond to all forms of trauma and the necessity of supporting community in a culture of tradition and safety in their healing journey.

Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)

The Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program provides culturally grounded programming and services to improve the health outcomes of Indigenous mothers and their babies (pre-natal to 18 months). Programs are designed to also include fathers and extended family, where relevant. CPNP helps support the needs of pregnant women facing challenges that could potentially put their health and the health of their infants at risk.

Shki Biinoojii Well-Being Program

This “New Baby” program serves Indigenous mothers prenatal and postpartum. SBWP provides screening and culturally appropriate interventions and follow-up to infants, toddlers and their families. This program strives to create opportunities to regain and retain the traditional knowledge that supports Mno Bimaadziwin (The Good Life) for our people.

Kina Endaayiing Program

This program offers pre-kindergarten readiness support to children by building on social skills, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills. The program strives to offer many supports that are individual to family needs.

Community Action Plan for Children (CAPC)

The Community Action Program for Children is designed to promote the healthy development of children ages 0-6 years and their families. The program provides culturally appropriate support to families in the area of child health and development, positive parenting, promoting and building life skills and providing access to information, resources with an overall goal to promote health and well-being of Indigenous families.

Youth Red Road Program

This is a program for youth who have experienced violence and/or abusive relationships. Participants benefit in the Red Road for Children and Youth program by healing, confidence building, improving self-esteem, learning healthy habits and coping mechanisms.

Waabano Kwe Program

Waabano Kwe in Ojibwe translates to “New Dawn Woman”. The program provides women who are victims of violence or within the child welfare system, with opportunities to identify and establish their knowledge and understanding of what is Mno Bimaadziwin “the good life”.

Breaking Free from Family Violence

This program supports Indigenous women in a culturally rooted, holistic way, so that they are better able to navigate through the complex systems encountered when experiencing involvement with child welfare. The Program supports Indigenous women to create, build upon, and share their “bundles” and provides safe spaces, tailored to the individual woman and their family.

Parenting Across the Lifecycle

The Parenting Across the Lifecycle project is a branch of the Breaking Free from Family Violence program. This project is an Indigenous parenting program, spanning the lifecycle from infant, to child, to youth and beyond.

Aakwa’ Ode’ Ewin – Courage for Change

The Courage to Change Program assists in providing immediate response to women at risk of human trafficking or leaving a situation of trafficking, by providing immediate response and stabilization with transportation to safe housing and access to supports, as they require.

Indigenous Supportive Housing

The Indigenous Housing Coordinator and Worker assist Indigenous individuals and families living in the Midland and Penetanguishene area who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in securing, or maintaining safe, affordable and appropriate housing. This program also provides property management services to the GBNWA Aazhoogamin Wiigwaamon Gaamig Affordable Housing Project.

Indigenous Women’s Health Program

The Indigenous Women’s Health Program provides support services, in Midland and Orillia, that improve the health and wellbeing of urban Indigenous women and their families, with a particular focus on prevention, diabetic health needs, chronic illness or disabilities to help them navigate through the health system.

Ska Be

Ska Be Support Worker provides direct support services to improve the health and well-being of Indigenous seniors and persons with disabilities. Our goal is to achieve a good quality of life that is reflective of our members needs and their culture.

Regional Indigenous Seniors Cultural Program

This Program provides culturally relevant support and programming to Indigenous seniors living in their own homes. Provides access to services, assist in keeping seniors in their home longer, and access to traditional ceremonies and teachings by a knowledgeable teacher.

New Project – Nokomis’ Gifts

From time to time GBNWA completes short term projects with long term vision. Nokomis’ Gifts is one of those projects. This Indigenous Economic Development Project aims to build upon local talents in Indigenous Art and Crafting with the goal to create a storefront where entrepreneurs can sell their creations. It also strives to create mentorships and build skills within the community and work towards economic sustainability.

Mental Health & Addictions

The Indigenous Mental Health & Addictions Specialist works within a multi-disciplinary team to provide prevention, assessment, referral, clinical counselling and follow-up services to individuals and family members affected by mental health and substance use issues, specifically individuals who self-identify as Indigenous.